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FAQ's about Marea Weddings & Events

1. What is your experience?

Our owner has been planning & coordinating weddings for over 9 years, with experience in events for over 12 years. Emily started as a bar-tender and server for country clubs in college, fell in love with weddings and was hooked. Working her way up to intern and then full-service planner. Before opening up Marea Weddings & Events, Emily was an event coordinator for: The Club, The Georgian Club, Indian Hill Country Club, Big Canoe POA, and Lanier Islands.

2. Do you have specific vendors or can I choose my own?

-We do have a preferred vendor list, for some great people and businesses that we’ve worked with for years, and can attest for their quality of service and attention to detail. If you aren’t sure where to start that’s a great resource to use that comes included in our wedding packages.

-Since we get to work with lots of awesome vendors we are always getting referrals, and rotate our vendor list twice a year. So, if there’s someone that isn’t vibing with what you want, or fits in your budget just let us know! We can always send more contacts your way.

-That being said we are happy to work with whatever vendors you would like, and a lot times our day-of brides already have their own vendors picked out before they book with us, or at least some already selected. It’s always fun to meet other new vendors, and interact with people in the industry!

3. Do you have questions we should ask before choosing our other vendors?

Yes, as one of our clients, you will have access to all of our templates and info! We do have some sample questions we are happy to send your way if you’d prefer to speak with them yourselves. For our full-service brides we offer vendor negotiations and will help you walk through this process. We want to make sure all your vendors fit your style and budget that works with both you and your fiance, and anyone else that is involved in the decision-making process.

4. How do you stick to my budget?

Budget is always a tricky subject for weddings, especially now with so many people pitching in and families blending. We will get details from you as to who is paying for what if there are multiple parties involved. If there is just 1 person or amount we need to stick to then we have a formula we break-down into percentages for each part of your wedding. Then we will work on details, what is the most important aspect of your day, so we know what to bump up and down from there.

5. What is your schedule like?

While we are happy to chat with you any time, keep in mind events are on the weekends. So, typically Fridays and Saturdays we are away from the office attending to our other clients, so just be patient as it might take a little more time to get back to you on those days. Otherwise we schedule appointments Mondays-Thursdays 8AM-6PM. You can always reach us by text, call or email though!

6. Do you have any references we can contact?

Absolutely! We have several brides, mothers-of-the-bride, vendors, and clients that are happy to chat with you if you need another opinion after your consultation.

7. What different types of ceremonies or cultures have you planned for?

We have planned and coordinated for many different styles, blended cultures and religions such as: Traditional Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Orthodox & Reformed Jewish ceremonies, South Asian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Nigerian, Turkish, Gay & Lesbian, Scottish, as well as non-traditional or non-religious ceremonies.

8. Do you have a minimum budget you work with?

No, we do not! All of our packages are customized to fit your needs, and there are add-ons for each that we can adjust for you at any time. We want to make sure you are happy with what you are getting and fit your needs. This is why we offer complimentary consultations to make sure which package is the best fit for you, your day, and budget.

9. How large or small have you planned weddings for?

We have planned elopements for bride, groom, and a witness; weddings for 12-40 people are wonderful and intimate; destination weddings for 30-150; and even weddings, tournaments, and fundraisers for up to 500. Being in the industry for this long, we have seen a nice variety and gotten to be part of some beautiful days!

10. What types of venues have you planned for?

Being a coordinator for specific venues at different places has given us a great background with experience in city clubs, country clubs, outdoor pavilions, tented spaces, and ballrooms. Then branching out into churches & places of worship, hotels, barns, wineries, breweries, event spaces, beach and lake-side, and historical sites.

11. Do you design for weddings?

Yes! We offer designing, full-service planning, and day-of coordination. If you aren’t sure which direction to take your event or wedding we are happy to help and create with you. But, if you want to take the reigns and just need help fine-tuning or paring-down your thoughts (we get it Pinterest has a lot of cool ideas) then we are happy to do that too! That’s why we customize our packages to fit your needs. And if you just need help organizing and making sure logistics are met, we are happy to fill that role too.

12. How do you deal with difficult family members?

While we hope your wedding is a nice easy, smooth process and you have no hiccups along the way, we know that might not always be the case. Especially if there are several people involved paying for your wedding. We will always protect our brides, and it is your day after all, which is a difficult art, but one we feel comfortable with after years of experience.

13. How do your weddings look?

This is easy… check-out our social media pages for ideas, and to get a feel for how our weddings look. While we might have several weddings in the same places, each one tends to look different. We always want your input because it is YOUR day, and we want you to be happy when you think of memories and look back at pictures. So, we always try to take on the personality and style of our bride/couples (depending on who is involved with planning and decision-making). Our style is always classic with a twist, think low-country or Cape Cod vibes. Timeless elegance with your own special touches is always our go-to if you don’t have a clear vision for your big day!

14. Will you be at rehearsal?

Of course! Depending on the scheduling of your venue will determine when your rehearsal will be, but typically plan on about an hour to run through everything. It is always good to have officiant to be at rehearsal, along with your full bridal party, parents, and any readers for your ceremony. Of course if someone can’t make it, we will always fill them in on the day of your wedding!

Unless we are only providing our services for reception only. Typically most churches and places of worship have strict guidelines, and their own staff to run things for your ceremony. We are always happy to stop by and give you a hug if that’s the case!

15. What is your preferred method of contact?

Whatever is easiest for you! Some brides like to talk on the phone, some prefer text and some have the most time by email. We are here to work with you! We just ask that you keep in mind on the weekends we are typically working with other clients, so we ask that you get a hold of us by text or email on those days.

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