I can’t say enough good things about Marea Weddings and how they handled our wedding. Simply put, Emily went above and beyond in every possible way for my big day. We are so grateful for her attention to detail, hard work, and patience with us as we prepared for our wedding. She is clearly a battle-tested professional in this industry and her experience shows through her work. 


She was able to smooth over any last-minute issues the day of our wedding to the point where any problems were totally imperceptible to me - I only found out about any hiccups after the fact! Trust me, no matter how well you plan there will be last minute changes and you want someone with this kind of experience in the trenches with you. We truly had the wedding of our dreams in large part to her hard work. She is lovely to work with and will be an asset to your event. 

Lauren P. 

Lauren P


(404) 483-9399


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