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Full Service Planning includes the following: 
Initial Planning meeting (approximately 1-1.5 hours). IP is in person, preferable at venue, will start planning packet together, determine set-up of space, initial general timing & more. 

4 Additional Planning Sessions to finalize details, these can take place over the phone, or in person. 

Final Walkthrough – Will walk your venue space (anywhere from 4 weeks prior to your wedding to the week of your wedding) to discuss all vendor set-ups and items, will include any vendors in-person if needed at this time. 

Full access by phone, email, text as an ‘on-call’ service. Happy to give any help, clarification or opinions on all topics, questions, concerns and issues that come up during the planning process for your wedding. This includes contact with all vendors & help selecting them and negotiating contracts with other vendors if necessary. I’m always available and happy to help from initial hire day all the way through vendor reviews after your wedding! 

1.5 Hours of Rehearsal time – will go through all details in person for your ceremony. Will make sure your family, bridal party and you are fully comfortable with all aspects for your ceremony. Will take place at the venue (or additional location decided if necessary). Will also collect all personal items (i.e. guest book, favors, signage, unity ceremony, seating charts, sparklers, etc…) Can unload at venue if venue permits during this time either before or after rehearsal. 

Vendor Confirmation – will call & email all your vendors the week of your wedding to confirm arrival time, set-up, timeline & pack-up for the day of your wedding. 

Preferred Vendor Recommendations – I have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years & have worked with and know lots of vendors all across the Southeast as well as across the country. Vendors will be tailored to your needs, style and budget to fit your needs best!

Custom Planning Packet, Timeline and Templates for Marea Weddings – Priceless verbiage that I have worked with over the last 10 years to tailor to your needs. This is the ultimate planning guide to making sure you feel comfortable before, during and after your big day! 

Cueing for Ceremony – with all ceremony elements listed this is to ensure there is a natural flow from guest arrival till the time you walk up the aisle after you have your 1st kiss! 

Set-up for all your personal items that you will provide for your wedding day. I will also make sure all your personal items are also packed up & secured with whoever you select after your sendoff.  

10 hours day-of coordination on your actual Wedding Day w/ assistant(s)– estimating 4-5 hours of actual event time including your ceremony. Will arrive 4 hours before your ceremony starts (unless additional time has been negotiated or planned) & will stay through clean-up after your departure (typically 1 hour).  

Wedding Day Emergency Kit – will contain everything you need & then some! Will include but not limited to: scissors, safety & bobby pins, tape, nail polish, tissues, mints, floral glue, reserved seating, lighters, etc… 

Liaison – for your immediate family, bridal party, all vendors, transportation if needed, tent/stage/prop delivery, etc… 

Inventory Checklist – for all your personal items to insure everything is returned and nothing is missing or out of place. Will also go over all specific set-ups if needed for memory tables, dessert tables, etc…

Ceremony Seating Chart - Will help to organize your 1st couple of rows for your family and bridal party. No one wants their feelings hurt on your wedding day! 

Day of Coordination includes the following: 
2 Planning Sessions

1 Final Venue Walk-through

1 Hour Ceremony Rehearsal

Vendor confirmation & timeline

Custom timeline and templates from Marea Weddings

Cueing for Ceremony

Set-up and Clean-up for all personal items

10-hours day-of coordination

Emergency Kit


Inventory checklist of personals 

Ceremony seating

We care about making your event the best possible experience for everyone involved.

We will take care of all the small, tedious details and arrangements so that my clients can focus on the important stuff.

That’s why we make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you’ll get. 

We will customize your package and details depending on what type of event you are planning, and what stage you are in the process. 

Reception seating chart for family & guests 

RSVP updating (great for plated meals)

Room Block Coordination & contract 
Additional day-of assistant (recommended for guest count 150+) 

Vendor contract negotiation 

Additional walk through with family or vendors 

Additional Event Time – Always available, but only required when event time (ceremony to sendoff) exceeds 5 hours - $100 per additional hour 


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