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Tall Dahl Wedding

One of the greatest honors you can have as a coordinator/planner is when another planner trusts you with their wedding day! I’ve known Chelsea & Chris for years, and Chelsea and I have worked together in several different ventures. When the year came when both Chelsea & I were engaged and planning our weddings together we knew it would be an easy swap, and no one else we’d trust with all the details of our special day.

Chelsea & Chris are wonderful and creative people, and all the touches they made and put emphasis into their day are what makes this one stand out so much! The Dahl’s chose the Georgia Freight Depot downtown Atlanta. Which is now a converted event space, but you can still hear the now steel trains as they wiz by and imagine what the hustle and bustle throughout the venue used to be.

One of the biggest statements Chelsea and Chris made was walking up to their ceremony space. Chris made several ‘A-frame’ signs that Chelsea hand-painted love quotes on, that came various songs, poems and famous quotes. You can’t help but feel romantic walking into a wedding, reading all these beautiful sayings.

Their ceremony was very much a family affair, with Chelsea’s father officiating and all their brothers, sisters standing by their sides. They had a beautiful backdrop of hand-strung flowers on the exposed wood and brick behind them. The mix of old meets new, and bohemian meeting industrial was stunning.

Chelsea & Chris added lots of their own touches throughout cocktail hour and their reception space you couldn’t help but stop and look at. Being in an ultimate frisbee league together, they made their ‘guestbook’ 3 frisbees they had fixed to a piece of wood for everyone to sign and decorate. On the same table we placed their unity painting they had finished earlier that week, where they dripped together 3 different colors of paint (in their wedding colors) that was perfectly imperfect.

One of their biggest hits were their ‘escort cards’, which living and getting married in Georgia, what is a wedding without Georgia peaches?! Chelsea made tags with everyone’s names on toothpicks that we stuck into peaches. We scattered them on a table mixed in with wooden crates, extra flowers we made small arrangements and pictures I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures on Pinterest!

Putting the special touches into your day make it so much more enjoyable, speaking from experience! It doesn’t have to be something you made, if you aren’t the DIY bride, a story or idea you pass-on to a vendor to carry-out your thoughts and ideas are just as special.

Chelsea made all of her invitations, table numbers, centerpieces, buffet labels (on slate tiles and chalkboards). We placed pictures of Chelsea & Chris throughout their childhood and relationship around, which always make for fun conversations among guests. Pictures are a great way to help fill-in space if you are tight on a floral budget! A couple of pictures and some candles can go a long way.

The Dahl’s had a great wedding, and was one we had the pleasure of not only coordinating, but also attending as guests at the same time. We love mixing styles and ideas brides have, and bringing your ideas to life! Stay tuned for Chelsea helped our owner, Emily, with her Big Day!

We get the pleasure of working with some phenomenal photographers, but Macy O'Connell is top-notch! She is so great at capturing details, moments and everything in-between. We have worked with Macy on several weddings, and if you need a photographer in the Atlanta Area we cannot recommend her more! All the pictures from Chelsea & Chris Dahl were provided thanks to Macy!

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