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Love Is A Sweet Adventure

Who doesn’t love a theme for a wedding? We have had Halloween weddings with trick-or-treat bars and corn mazes; New Year’s Roaring 20’s weddings; but for the everyday bride that is not getting married on or near a holiday you can still have a theme too!

Most brides will pick a few colors to echo throughout their invitations, ceremony and reception colors, but don’t be afraid to go even bigger than that. This week we are looking back at Nick & Kelly’s wedding in October of 2017 that we did at Lanier Islands. This jet-setting couple had traveled all over the world together & wanted to make travel a big part of their Big Day.

Starting with the walk up to their ceremony space, they made a custom sign where all their friends and family were traveling from: Hong Kong, England, Japan and France. Walking up a little further and they had a table equipped with several suitcases some stacked and some opened up with their travel adventures pictured. Down by the ceremony arbor their ‘flight fit for open seating assignments’ and another suitcase with paper airplanes; made by the bride and groom to throw after they sealed their marriage with a kiss.

During ceremony Nick & Kelly had their nephew walk down the aisle dressed as a Captain of the plane, equipped with a sign ‘We are ready for TAKE OFF!’ and was accompanied by their sweet pup in a matching outfit.

When guests arrived at cocktail hour they were greeted with complimentary drinks, and a custom sign ‘Where in the world are you sitting?’ Which had guests grouped into tables, not by table number, but by all the places and countries Nick & Kelly had visited together. When guests made their way to their tables, they saw beautiful arrangements from Design House of Flowers, as well as decor to outfit each location. The ‘London’ table had a mini double-decker bus, ‘Netherlands’ had beautiful clogs, ‘Italy’ had a mini leaning Tower of Pisa, and so on. Each seat had an escort card that Nick & Kelly had made to look like tickets.

Their sweetheart table had a beautiful backdrop of a world map, with mini bouquets of flowers for their favorite travels. Just to the side of their table we placed their cake table, with a topper themed from the movie ‘UP’ that read ‘Where Our Adventure Begins.’

To keep guests entertained throughout the reception photo booths are always a hit, and they had backdrops from all over the world: The Statue of Liberty, compass, passport, suitcases and luggage, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower, and maps of the world. The photo booth was packed all night, and always make for entertaining pictures to look back on. They also had favors for each of their guests at ‘baggage claim’ that were mini suitcases with treats packed inside for everyone.

Something as simple as travel is easy to pull off no matter the location or season you are getting married. If there is a memory, theme or something special to both you and your significant other we are happy to bring special touches like this to life for you. It can be something like a theme or something as simple as a memory table or chair for your ceremony. Don’t be afraid of a theme or to do something different! It is your day, and you’ll remember all your special touches that much more, plus we’ll always make sure to have your photographer capture them for you, so when the memories fade you can always look back on them and smile!

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