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Marea Weddings & Events services both local and destination events from our local Atlanta offices. We create refined, thoughtful environments for our couples, and their guests. Ensuring our couples’ stories are conveyed through meaningful design and execution. We consider all possibilities, aesthetics and logistical matters; so that you feel comfortable, inspired, and relaxed. 

Our goal is to provide support, confidence and guidance through each and every decision. We have grown by word-of-mouth through the help of our clients and top wedding professionals in the industry. While every Marea event is different we always have the same goal for each to feel: timeless, creative, unique, fun and inviting. 

We can't wait to meet you! 

Photography left: Jamie Howell Photography

Photography right: Joshua Grasso Photography


Creating Memories

Not Just Events

With over 10 years planning, designing, and executing weddings, golf tournaments, Mitzvahs, Quincereas,  holiday parties, and corporate events, it was time to take the plunge and go into the ultimate business of ourselves. We are committed to providing a beautiful and stress-free experience. We pride ourselves on our classic styles with a unique twist, attention to detail and calming presence.


    ‘Marea’ translates into ‘tide’ in Italian. With ties to the low-country, coast, and honestly who doesn’t feel better immediately when they’re by the water? It was a way to have a unique name with classic ties which is exactly what we strive to convey in each of our events.


    There are all different styles, and we love all of them. We are happy to bring your vision to life, whether inspired by others, or help you start from the beginning.


Emily Goldstein, owner and lead coordinator, has established relationships with the best industry professionals, and we will work closely with them to orchestrate all logistical elements throughout the entire planning process.

There are always moving parts and high emotions throughout the planning process, and we greatly value our unique relationships we have with all our clients. We will customize our process to you and your event, because there is no formula to event planning and design. We always want your event to represent you!

    We cannot wait to meet you, and bring your dreams to life!

Photography: George Street Photography

COVID Concerns

It’s still your wedding, don’t treat it like it’s option 2!

Yes there’s a pandemic that is hitting everyone right now, but keeping you and all of your guests safe and healthy is our number 1 priority! Weddings and events are still moving forward with plans, there are some limitations and precautions we all are taking, but your event can still be just as fun as gorgeous we promise! 


During planning: 

We make the most of everyone’s new favorite Zoom for all meetings that can be done this way! If you prefer to meet in person, for those that just don’t do it over a computer we are happy to meet outside and socially distance when possible. 


We will help you monitor and make the best decisions for you and your guests. It’s important to know where everyone is traveling from, and if your venue has any postponement options as we navigate this ever changing landscape. 


For your day: 

Our entire team will wear logo-ed masks, this also helps your guests know who to go to with questions throughout the day. We purchased them from a local vendor just outside of Atlanta, if you’re interested you can visit their store here: 


We also make sure to wear gloves throughout the day, we are pinning boutonnieres, fluffing your dress before you walk down the aisle, or setting out personals, so we keep a stash to make sure they are swapped throughout the day. In addition, if we are not wearing gloves we all have hand sanitizer on each person for ourselves and guests as they ask. 


Most importantly we will work with your venue and all vendors to make sure we meet their interpretation of mandates and requirements. While we are not the COVID police, we encourage and remind everyone to help keep everyone safe. 


Keep a smile under those masks it won’t be here forever, and until then you’re still marrying your person, and we’ll help you party safely! 

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